Machine learning hucksters invent an AI racist uncle that predicts your personality from your facial bone structure


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But - what if you’ve had cosmetic surgery? Does it raise or lower your IQ?


Cesare Lombroso Museum in Turin If you happen to visit Turin go to the Cesare lombroso museum, to see how these idea was born in the 1800s and quicly dismissed.


Needs a face to go with the A.I.



At 50 the software will be accurate.

George Orwell.


I think I can guess what their training dataset for their cybercrud is like.


Mugshots of Palestinian prisoners?


I wish Bobby Moynihan would show up to do drunk uncle again… that was always right up there with Stefon for me. He would have been gold during the age of Trump.


Just a reminder that this is exactly as valid as using Big Data to predict anything at all.


Well, there is not much info here is there. How accurate are they? Where did they get their sample size? How big is there sample size? When are they projecting to be ready by?

Just bashing on them without any info isn’t helpful. If they are 99% accurate, and their sample size is large enough(>1,000), and if their sample size was varied enough, then this could be revolutionary.

Even if it doesn’t match with these even 25%, if there is anything to support that this could be something AI could do, then we should research it further.

We have an AI that can tell your intelligence just from your eyes, knowing your personality isn’t that far off, especially when humans are already decent at it.


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Security firms are notorious for selling snake oil that doesn’t do what’s written on the bottle. Given the state of machine learning, their claims are improbable at best, even if their idea of measuring IQ and personality from an image had any basis in anything other than pseudo-science.

They also don’t mention their rate of false positives, which could put innocent people in a deadly situation.

I bet “breakthrough computer-vision and machine learning technology” = TensorFlow.


As we’ve seen, an Israeli accent can sell any security bullshit.


Slapping an AI overlay on racist pseudoscience doesn’t make it any less racist pseudoscience.


No. Faces are not any indication of intelligence. Period. No amount of AI is going to make that true. This is yet more attempts to smuggle white supremacy into the equation. Fuck that noise.

[ETA] What @MalevolentPixy said! JINX!


Look Cory, do you know how Machine Learning works? I mean really know? Me either. Ergo, we must admit that this could possibly work. Probably works. Probably definitely works. Definitely works, machine learning can do anything! At least, we don’t know that it can’t.


There is a certain irony in this coming out of Israel, given who some of the victims were the last time around.



What, no! That’s hard! /s

But seriously, yes. True.


Excellent point. Although, it’s not as if Israel hasn’t had similar, “WTF, did you forget your entire history?!” moments ^^’ …


It depends on what kind of changes the doctor makes. It’s all about that retro-phrenology.


[Citation very much needed]