Machined sculpture with over 1,000 individually fabricated parts


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Pretty, but useless. I prefer my machine shop porn to actually have a (not necessarily practical) function, like this mechanical fourier analysis and synthesis gadget:

Or this “Analogue electrical calculator”, alleged to contain no electronics (ie, no transistors):




I wonder if any film studio has ever hired/commissioned him to design/build alien technology props for a sci fi movie.


I like it! What is it?


Chris’ work is a bit… pricy… for prop use.

Maybe somebody would commission a cast of one of his sculptures and use resin castings?


Man, if I had a nickel every time I heard that!

This is the internet. You put your dick in it.


Um… I think you meant “digital”, not “electronic”; I can see electronic parts already on the surface, much less inside ^^’ .


It’s just a sculpture. Not even a kinetic one at that, though not to take away from the artist’s skill but the piece is pretty whatever for me. I’ve seen some other pieces of his online that had more interesting almost organic and complex shapes to them.



I’ve seen two or three of his pieces at the Baltimore Museum of Art (well worth the visit). I think they’re beautiful, but with that many pieces I’d prefer that some part of it moves, even if only to rotate on a single axis.



Just quoting what the artist says about it. It uses electrical principles but no microchips, which probably counts as “no electronics” in common parlance


I’m using the actual definitions of the words involved ^^’ . There’s a rather big difference between “no electronics” and “no digital electronics”.


According to the creator,

The opening into the interior is approximately 5" at its smallest, so you can easily stick your whole arm through the center of this piece.

So it’s unlikely to give satisfaction unless one is pathologically well hung.


Oh no, I’m not touching it! That thing summons the Cenobites!


I’m an optimist!


But, what does it do?

OK, my sister is a sculptor also, but she makes inert shapes that closely resemble humans, so it’s more obvious what she’s getting at.


It speaks to me of futility, spiritual emptiness, and absurdity.


And there’s also fisting… the sculpture.