Madison, WI Airport picks white guy for random search, ignores Middle Eastern man in front of him

Every now and then something happens that catches me by surprise!

I was waiting in the screening line on the way to my flight, and there was a Middle Eastern man in front of me in line.

They let him through without a hitch, and picked me for a random search (mental note: Don’t go commando next time you fly).

He had the best expression on his face as he left. I commented on that to one of the guys doing the search and he said ‘we really do random here’

Yay for humans!


Free show for the TSA, huh?


I have been losing pounds lately and I need to check if I have lost enough waistline to fit the utilikilts again as I would so wear that for the airport.


What is to say about a system where one is surprised by a lack of racial discrimination?


That we’ve got a long way to go, but there’s a little sunshine out there to embrace, right? :slight_smile:

I was grinning the whole flight, and not just for the free gentle massage!


They were pretty dignified about it, though the guy doing the check blushed furiously when I jokingly said ‘ooh, a little to the left’ and he instinctively did exactly that.

Yeah, ditto here. The addition of the ‘take of your belt’ step in the line definitely has caused me to make sure I don’t wear pants that require one!


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