MAGA men explain why bazookas should be legal: children's lives don't matter as much as owning the libs

I would love to have one to deal with (1) cars whose alarms go off for hours at a time, (2) really loud vehicles going down the street late at night, and the F150 that keeps parking in front of my house making pulling out of my driveway a nail biting event.

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Funny you mention that. Many years ago (before Bowling for Columbine), I had engaged an on-line ammosexual on exactly this “should we be able to own bazookas”. He then spent 4 paragraphs explaining that they were really RPGs, and one sentence saying (essentially) ‘yes, I should be able to own a bazooka’. He also said I should able to own a tank or most explosive devices, but somehow he drew the line at chemical/biological/nuclear weapons. I tried to point out this logical inconsistency, but he was having none of it.


Efficiency and progress is ours once more
Now that we have the neutron bomb
It’s nice and quick and clean and gets things done
Away with excess enemy
But no less value to property
No sense in war but perfect sense at home





I directed EMP sounds like a better tool for your neighborhood annoyances. I know it’s the right tool for mine. It’s probably for the best that such a thing doesn’t exist.


Well, if we are posting nuclear bomb songs:


He was right too. Build a large enough tank force, and the liberation of capitalist Germany was assured. But if they could somehow kill the brave Soviet tank crews as they cross the border, without fear of destroying Germany’s infrastructure, the sickly capitalists could stave off inevitability of revolution.

Give such a weapon to someone like curtis lemay, though, and it could enable capitalist running dogs to capture the hyper advanced industrial factories of Norilsk, smelters intact.


I don’t want to appear prejudiced (while now immediately looking prejudiced) but aren’t the people who want bazookas the absolute wrong people to be given them?


Much more of a concern than actually being unfairly biased; am I right?


Nah, we need the poor. Someone’s got to create the wealth.
There’s money in them poor huddled masses, baby!


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