Defend America. No more dead children. No more grieving parents

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This is probably going to be the most fruitful post on this thread, but it’s a good’un.

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Gif bank that shit.


I like it. Fuck the handguns. Also the AR’s and the AK’s and their ilk.

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I’m just going to leave this right over here. This seems, to me, to most accurately represent the magnitude of what the gun-grabbers are asking for.

Freedom is going to school without fear [...]
Ah yes, the freedom from fear. The freedom which brought us the War on Terror.


Yeah, Bloomberg needs more money for his campaign.

Also, the number of guns keeps going up, but the murder rate keeps going down. Are you sure a small reduction in the rate of increase is going to make a positive difference?


Wow, they just come out of the woodwork to tell us how less guns is a bad idea. That’s one provocative shirt.


Fuck yeah! THAT’S the solution! Doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because gun nuts are gun nuts waiting to shoot anything in sight.

Enjoy your bi-monthly mass shooting, America.

You have enough tv material to set up a dedicated cable channel.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world laughs at your own stupidity.


I think his use of the term “gun-grabbers” shows how much notice he is going to take of your response.

Really, it sometimes seems that the solution to just about every US problem would be the one in the story The Marching Morons, only just send every lobbyist and PR person in the country to “Mars”. With so many people paid so much money to ensure that open debate does not take place on just about every contentious subject, there’s your biggest challange to democracy right there.

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No. Incredulity, maybe pity, but never amusement at avoidable deaths.


One way to have an open debate would be for everyone who wants to get rid of all the guns to say so, loud and clear. “I WANT TO GET RID OF ALL THE GUNS”.

No more pussyfooting about with “common sense gun laws” and “more background checks” and all that other window dressing. Tell the world how you really feel!

And once they’ve done that, the debate can start in all the states who would have to vote to repeal the second amendment. I’ve observed all the handwringing and rhetoric after every shooting incident, but I have yet to see that campaign actually get going in any meaningful way.

And yes, the endgame is the police going house to house to search for and confiscate every gun. I assume those who want to get rid of all the guns are good with that.

Bear in mind these extra credit questions: During the several years it would take to pass and ratify the repeal of the second amendment, do you think gun sales will go up, or down?? And what will that do to the number of guns to be confiscated??

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Not directly related to you comment, but this creeps up in many discussions hold by US Americans.

Why is everything* in the US so extremist? No one* recognizes grey areas, it consists of two well-defined antagonistic blocks. (Forced) consensus is not always a good solution but I’m still convinced that this C&H strip has more than a kernel of truth.

*) slightly exaggerated


Take a look at the T-shirt graphic posted by Xeni. What sort of compromise do you believe it suggests??


I don’t think there’s a plurality of people who sympathize with that. I think a lot of gun control proponents are a bit like me.

I think that as long as any psychotically enraged guy can go out and buy a Saturday night special to kill his wife, we should at least have mandatory firearms safety training in schools. I’d reckon once a year with working models (no ammo of course) in the classroom showing children how to take apart killing machines, rendering them temporarily useless (and depending on the school district, how to reassemble them) is in order. Train children to fucking safe a gun if they come across one foolishly left off someone’s person outside of a safe etc to dismantle these killing machines.

Then, I’d like to outlaw handguns, because they’re massively disproportionately used in both homicides and suicides. If you want to kill yourself, you should avail yourself to death with dignity states where you can get help.

I’d also like to ban STANAG magazines. Nobody other than a soldier needs a 30 round mag for 5.56 or 7.62 ammo. And those soldiers’ access to STANAG mags are actually much better regulated than Joe Average Public’s. Nobody needs to kill thirty animals on a hunting trip, and if you’re at the range, your life is not under time pressure and you can reload at leisure. Also, most assault weapons (civilian variants, of course) are shit for anything other than shooting at something closer than 50 yards, and are only really useful for firing large magazines into crowds anyway. Fuckem, their specialty and design is really only useful for war, leave them on the battlefield. Real life isn’t Call of Duty. Your duty is to not kill people anyway.

That leaves hunting rifles and shotguns. I’d be happy if that’s all people are allowed to buy and own. They can keep their extra-fun killing machines safely locked in secured facilities where children aren’t liable to run around unsupervised, like a firing range, or with their local fort’s gunny sarge.


Any compromise that reduces gun violence - and many many sensible ideas have been posed, but the gun lobby has stopped them all in their tracks. No compromise is possible for them. If you can’t hoard machine guns then Obama has enslaved you.


The gun in the graphic is a pistol. I see compromise already. I for one am much more against pistols than guns used for hunting. And while I know a lot of gun owners, and a lot of people who don’t own any, most members of both groups think U.S. gun laws should be stronger, and none think all guns should be banned and confiscated. Who are these strawpeople you speak of?


There’s no “compromise” being suggested. All I see from the gun control lobby are one-sided demands for this, that, and the other. A true compromise is when both sides make concessions.

“You can still own your guns” is not a concession. We already own our guns, and you’re not negotiating from a position where you can get them confiscated.

You want compromise? Here’s a starting point, work from there. Stronger mandatory background checks in exchange for reopening the NFA registration books. Don’t like that idea? Find something else to suggest.