Magic ball and vase

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I think she should do the trick and he should wear the shirt with all the cleavage showing.


I love an awesome buttplug trick. Sometimes the whole thing disappears entirely.


Spoiler: Count the ridges.

This came in a magic trick set I had as a kid. It was the one trick in the whole box I could master.

The little foam rubber bunnies you hid in your hand so they’d magically “multiply”? Fuhgeddaboutit.


The only “innovation” I see, from the Adam’s Magic version I had as a kid, is that the center section is now seems to stick to the top. But that doesn’t really add anything. It just reverses the action you have to use (lift from top vs. lift from side). Also, it now necessitates that you use two hands to reveal the “returned” ball. The original could always be operated with one hand.

Also the current version that Adams makes, has a lot more ridges, which considerably helps hide the gimmick from whatever 10 year old you can find that doesn’t already know how it works.

I had a similar set as well. It had the nesting cups with the foam bunnies, the ball and vase, a hollow wand partially filled with sand (you could balance either end on the edge of a table - just talk loud so people don’t hear the sand shifting from one end to the other), a cup you could fill with liquid, then turn upside down without it spilling out (usually). I think was also a Stripper deck and Svengali deck. The Stripper deck was probably my favorite, because there were quite a few tricks you could do with it, and it was easy to come up with your own.

But actually, I had a lot more fun with this. This would have been around 1966 or so:

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That was an awful actuation. Looks like a porn movie introduction.

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Geez, I had this as a kid and it never impressed anybody then… and you say you got amazing reactions from this.

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You’re stealing my life here.

I also had a Kreskin’s ESP record album with the same picture on it (until a helpful girlfriend decided to clean up my record collection).

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If you decide to perform this don’t be surprised when 70% of your audience had one as a kid. At this point the Ball & Vase is one of a handful of tricks that are so widely known as to be virtually useless in their standard form. A few professionals have developed routines around the Ball & Vase but they always have to start with the “Do you remember the trick with the ball and vase from your childhood?” premise. Other than that, this trick is only really suitable for very young children; it’s a good one to begin to learn the basics of running through a magic trick from start to finish.

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He promised twice to show the explanation. And to talk about the improvements that make it a real mover.

Are there any female magicians, even amateur? It definitely feels like a “boy’s club” or “boys’ club.”

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The old Invisible Ceiling trick, eh?


If you watch Penn & Teller’s Wizard Wars, they make a point of featuring female magicians. But you’re right, they are unfortunately in the minority, but that may be changing.

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