Psychic Escape - my daughter's favorite magic trick


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Now that one is cool - not inherently obvious like the wooden box trick.

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But if you know the box trick, this is just as obvious as it’s clearly the same principle/method at work. I do like this one better as I don’t think it’s as easy to figure out if you aren’t familiar with the easily-deduced box.

blah, it’s obvious that the cylinder has plenty of room for one ring to turn sideways

But this one doesn’t have so many tells. There’s no obvious hiding, nor an awkward “pick two” that makes the geometry stick out. It’s way better. And, completely coincidentally I’m sure, like the box, it is available through an Amazon Affiliate link. :smile:

Make sure she’s careful with magic tricks at school, administrators can be idiots sometimes.

I once got in trouble back in the day (and had a trick confiscated) because the administration decided that the school handbook rule that “playing cards and other forms of gambling are prohibited” meant that individual cards were not allowed in the school (because somehow an individual card or even deck of them is a “form of gambling”?). The sentence was in the middle of a longer list of actions that were prohibited. And these are the people who are supposed to be increasing literacy rates…

There is bbs code to blur text to prevent anyone from accidentally reading a spoiler. Though I am reasonably sure of the mechanism of the trick, I don’t want to be beat over the head with it.

This is a very nice one. Well-made, very inspectable. Watching many of the videos on youtube of this trick being performed, it seems a few have mastered the art of making it very hard to see how it’s done.

Our principal instituted a ban on all role playing games because some dumb kid (playing Killer) had painted a toy gun black and pulled it on a target in a subway station, inducing a cop to draw down on him with a very real gun. So no more D&D for us! (Except that we ridiculed and flouted the ban with utter impunity.)

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