Great magic trick: The Block Escape


I don’t know if that qualifies as a “great” magic trick If I spot how it is done the first time round.

Looks like a fun puzzle.


What sorcery is this?

It does seem rather obvious. I’d love to think I’m just a genius for spotting the trick, but I know better. Still, at $6 it seems a better Amazon Affiliate link value than the cute but flimsy $7 appearing wand trick (or 20 for $7 through another vendor) that was posted on BB a little while ago.

I’d be more impressed if they only allowed one block to escape.


I looked at the pattern of holes on top and figured that must have something to do with the trick. When the audience member chose two blocks to escape, I knew that must have something to do with it — it presumably couldn’t work with just one. When the magician turned the box away from the camera to load the blocks into it, I had it figured out. It’s not really that much of a trick, unfortunately.

At least that one was for something that was available.

I’m surprised the article didn’t include a link to the Make article on how to make a quality version of this trick/puzzle.


I forgot all about this - and I was the one who assigned the article!

Sorry, Mark, but this is NOT a great magic trick. The props are quite nice but as others have commented the method is quite obvious to anyone with half a brain…which makes it unacceptable. In fact, the demands of the method require that goofy “turn the box away from them when you load it for the trick” problem, which obviously accentuates the weakness of the method. To actually get away with this requires much more advanced direction (and misdirection) of attention than the average beginner is capable of pulling off.

Skip it; there are lots of cheap tricks that are very diabolical & deceptive, classics like the previously-reviewed Crazy Cube, Nickles to Dimes (, and the Svengali Deck (aka TV Magic Deck). With so many other better effects out there, why waste time on tricks that aren’t deceptive?

This post highlights a more general problem with magic and magicians; they all-too-often settle for the mediocre or just plain bad. Tricks that wouldn’t fool a moron when done perfectly continue to be sold and promoted. Magicians seem incapable of giving honest criticism to other magicians, or worse, have lost the ability to tell good from bad, junk from gold

“The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him” – Stanisław Jerzy Lec


This trick is great because people will enjoy it. Maybe not all of them but, hey! Whatever.

Thanks for sharing magic tricks. I like them.

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…not a lot, but you like them?

You know.

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