Magic the Gathering app working on augmented reality for cards

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The translate option looks really great.

A few years back I was in Montpellier, France for business (I speak non French.) On a lark on a Friday night I walked into a local gaming store downtown, Excalibur, and bought in for a Friday Night Draft. They were Amazing there. There was one Norwegian ex-pat there who spoke English and interpreted for me at times. They even paid for a Hamburger for me for dinner to get an American opinion on if it was good or not. It was delicious.

But the game had to slow down a couple of times while I looked up a couple of the cards in English because I was playing the set by memory based on art. But it was an amazing and memorable part of the trip. Games are really a way to bring people together.

Still, I would have loved to be able to pull this out and save the minute of lost time while the stupid American has to find the card text in English. Would have cut down on a couple audible sighs from opponents.


If you’re going to make a promotional video with heavy use of animated effects, why would you frame it like a vertical cell-phone? This video was not shot with a phone.


Egg on top?

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I ordered one with no egg, though that was an option.

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All the videos where shot live and directly from the phone :slight_smile:

A: To illustrate what it will look like in final form on your phone when you use it.
B: It was shot with a phone in vertical format and that’s what they put their effects on (though yeah, not likely.)
C: They were hoping people would think it was an actual working app right now.

I’m guessing A.

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Oh, looks like a combination of A & B then.

Its C. We are just waiting for iOS 12 to release (+/- September)

Ha, I stand corrected!

If that’s an actual working example of that app, I’m amazed how smooth it is!

Currently you can download the app for free and experience a Semi-AR experience.
The card will be detected instantly and send you to a new screen with all the info of that card :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming it doesn’t actually translate the card text. It just shows you the actual English version of the card, yeah?

Rad! Great idea to auto capture the card image. Clicking a button for every card you want to scan would get real tedious real quick.

You are correct :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it was live captured off the screen of a phone running the test app so vertical makes perfect sense.

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