A-ha! This app turns your living room into a 1980's music video using augmented reality


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We now live in a time when we get to think about something one day and the next there’s a brilliant retake on it.


I’ve been surprised that there haven’t been more augmented reality apps/services, or maybe just that they haven’t been popular. I thought AR would be more popular than VR.


Um I would think the big standout success story for AR would be the phenomena known as Pokemon Go?

I love the filter that turns your everyday world into living pencil sketches. I’d like those in prescription glasses please (take my money).



“Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.”

Now as a music video with graphic effects!


So can this app overlay Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free? Because I am in Dire Straits!


Yes, the only big standout, AFAIK.
When I first got me iPhone & used Google Goggles to imprint info about everywhere I was going, I thought advertisers and marketer would jump on AR as a way to drive business. But I guess Google Glass ruined that, for the present.



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Reassuring Gay music of the 80’s… miss you…

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