Augmented reality project adds a little road system to your living room floor

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I give up, why is watching a low poly box track along the floor augmented reality?

Live video + Dynamic CG is augmented reality.


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Meh, the car is driving on the wrong side of the road. If they could fix that, then maybe I’d be into it.

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Soon your whole neighborhood will be the next open world…

That’s the issue you spotted? How about the moose that walks right through the damn trees? They need to work on making weaker moose. And stronger trees.

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I think “augmented reality” refers to the developers’ hopes for having this thing take off.

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If Goat Simulator can become popular, so can this

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troll dolls.
pet rocks.
Anything is possible.


I would of liked it as a kid. But then I got excited to find an a nice agate. Also (setting the augmented functionality aside for a moment) a pretty slick way to program the path for a robot in physical space. Ive done a bit of path programming in code and that is tedious. But I’m not sure what the standard is these days for things like drones. This might already be the norm.

With that said, I have no desire to buy this.

He’s playing in God mode, and the poor human is about to run out of funds.

I might not actually want to play around with this, but I think it’s pretty amazing. Draw a path on your phone; actual toy car follows the path on your floor. It’s neat!

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I … guess?

I am trying very hard to see the value here. If I wanted to match this with what I have around the place here, I’d just use some toys and construction paper &c.

Or build a train layout. Winter is coming, might do that anyway.

I dunno. I’ve seen moose crash through trees. I took that as pretty reasonable realism.

It seemed to me that, by disguising the robot, the user was augmenting virtuality

And how did that enhance the perception? I can imagine a road and mountains, I could when I was 5.

If it took a race track and showed me a “car” doing a lap of Monte Carlo for example, my perception might have been enhanced.

Oh goody, it’ll be childhood all over again. Snowflakes screaming at me to stop walking through their imaginary friends, stop kicking their imaginary friends, stop asphyxiating their imaginary friends…

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The robot isn’t virtual, it’s a real real object as is the room. Which is why this is augmented reality. As to if this is a worthy application of augmented reality is another discussion. A kid would like it but for sure doesn’t need it. Strikes me more as a tech demo than a completed product.

I actually laughed out loud at the moose, with the whole stopping in the middle of the road, looking at you with disdain, and going about it’s business. The designer was clearly a New Englander.

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