MagiMask is the next stage in the evolution of augmented reality

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Oh wow. This is going to be bigger than the Segway.

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Or you could just make your own:

You can get all the technical drawings needed to make your own – all you need is cardboard and some basic supplies.


AR/VR is going no where as long as you have to strap a big ass box to your head. Pokemon GO is the exact opposite of this. People love Pokemon GO.


As in “accidentally end up in front of the huge lorry” ?


Jut dry, obtuse “humor”. Segway was overhyped, disappointing, joked about, bought as a novelty as much as anything, and finally sold off to a Chinese firm who recently announced they’d stop making them altogether.

Two-wheeled self-balancing rideables are probably most notable as consumer devices that briefly exploded in popularity then exploded in the news because they were literally exploding on consumers.

So MagiMask might not be the best thing to buy. Unless you’re buying it ironically? Or maybe buying it to launder some money? I dunno. I suppose one good point of augmented reality is in theory you can still see reality, so you’re less likely to wander into traffic. Maybe.

(don’t worry, I liked your joke. I just wanted to go on about hoverboards for a while)


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