Magic trick: A Room for Death


Epilogue? Seemed more like a prologue to me.

Nice trick though.

Its the epilogue to the complete magic show
Here is the opening

Ah, I see. Thank you.

What the hell? Nobody died?

Ya, I didn’t really get that part of the story as well. Death is so dangerous we need to keep a room open for him, but if you don’t, one of your guests just disappears and returns unharmed and unknowing of the event? I think something was lost in translation from legend to well done magic trick.

I’d maybe start with 4 black cards, then when the guest returns have it be one of the red suits of the same value and explain they were a little bloodied for the experience somehow.

Just spit balling, I think the whole thing was well done and impressive.

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Believe me, this show is better live than on youtube. Because he’s too damn modest, I will reply on his behalf that those fancy hands are from Christian Cagigal.

He will also be performing this show live in the upcoming weeks in the Catskills, Chicago, and the Edinburgh Fringe. See him live.

Catskill, New York
June 14 - 15
Bridge Street Theatre
OBSCURA: A Magic Show
“Hatching good natured plots to steal your soul.”
-7x7 Magazine
A tiny magic show played live on a BIG SCREEN! Join Christian as he takes you through an evening of fairytales, dark fables and strange happenings illustrated with close up card magic and mentalism, all projected large behind him so you can’t miss a single move Christian makes!

Chicago, Illinois
June 19 - 23
Oracle Theatre
OBSCURA: A Magic Show
“A captivating suspended animation of eerie alchemy and delightful drama.”

  • Chicago Stage Review
    I can’t put the link for tickets in here, so I hope you’ll look him up.
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Thank you for posting that.
Christian is an awesome guy.

He’s an avid supporter of other artists in other forms / venues (theatre, music, etc.) and extremely unassuming / well versed conversationalist!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking candid photos of him and sharing a few cocktails… only by prying did we finally learn he’s so talented at close magic!

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