Magnificent 19th century portraits of people with huge tumors

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Diamond-hard pass.

Man, some of those I would attempt to remove via strangulation if I were them…

I have a pretty impressive tumor, though you need the MRIs to really appreciate it.

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Curious to known what an a generative ai would spit out if force fed these.

I hope it’s benign!


So far! It’s a genetic disease, Neurofibromitosis. :confused:

I’m “lucky” its a mutation after conception and it should say to my lower left quadrant.

Careful! Popkin is going to be offended that you are stealing their aggressively grotesque and off-putting content. That’s their whole deal!

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All of Mister44 is benign.


From the link:

Peter Rachmann, Ph.D., of Michigan State University has identified some of the sitters. Jadwiga Kamola (M.A.), Global Art History, University of Heidelberg, identifed many others, providing patient accounts published by Parker in the Chinese Repository.

I… didn’t know this was a think I needed to know. I’d love to get a few prints for my house. It’s delightfully awful.

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