Make a cement faceted keychain


Yes, you can make canoes from concrete. And race them:



Not to be pedantic, but cement and concrete are not the same thing.

True. But most of the mixtures sold as Anchor Cement are technically concrete as they are not pure cement - but a mixture of cement, sand (or gravel or other aggregates) and ‘special additives’, depending on the manufacturer and/or intended use.
You can clearly see aggregates in the pictures of the keychain in the original piece on

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Why do people always say “not to be pedantic” when they are about to be pedantic?

i believe the term is denial.

No offence, but your face looks like a giant phallus.

Edit: This interesting. Trying to insult without being crude or getting moderated. How about:

No offence, but I would sooner trust a convicted paedophile to babysit my children than you.

There’s a rule somewhere that says you have to do that. I’ll have to look it up. Let me get back to you on that.

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