This concrete espresso machine is countertop Brutalism


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“$799 plus shipping
That’s the fun part: shipping a concrete block.


Also available: $400 reinforcement block for your worktop.


Presumably the true fan of brutalism already has a concrete worktop.


Which is actually a thing!


Well, of course it is. That’s why I mentioned it. :slight_smile:

Very trendy in the UK for self-builders at the mo. because they are dirt-cheap (comparatively) and very easy to pour yourself.

I’m inclined to have a go when my current kitchen needs replacing.


Every architect in London will have one of these within the year


I bet these guys have already got one…

I like it - but it has an app…



They just missed a marketing opportunity to have served espresso with donuts for Architecture Day at the brutalist Hirshshorn Museum in Washington DC.

“The Smithsonian’s lone brutalist building has affectionately (or derisively) been referred to as a “brutalist doughnut.” The museum will celebrate its round, empty-in-the-middle design on World Architecture Day with free Sugar Shack doughnuts for all visitors, in addition to architecture-focused talks and tours.”


Repairs are complicated by the need for a hammer and chisel.


Brutalism is good for memes, at least


I’m not sure concrete is a good material for an appliance that makes drinks. Doesn’t seem sanitary in the long term


needs more picaresque fritters and Art Nouveau crullers.


It’s just the housing for off-the-shelf espresso machine tech.
Although it is possible to make pressure vessels from pre-stressed concrete; some designs for nuclear reactors from the 1960ies/1970ies are based on this.
Personally, I could see me buying one with polished surfaces, or better yet, polished terrazzo. But then, as a civil engineer, I kinda have a thing for concrete, if it’s done properly.


Yeah i’m aware that it’s the housing :slight_smile: but its precisely the outside surface that might be prone to collecting dust, coffee spray, etc and cleaning it might not be efficient if the concrete is very porous. It might be highly unlikely that it would cause food poisoning unless someone was actively handling the concrete and eating/drinking but its possible.

If it were polished i don’t think it’d be much of an issue


Concrete can be sealed pretty well. Think concrete bar tops, countertops, and floors. A little sealant and regular cleaning and you should be good to go.


I don’t care if it’s covered in Rhinoceros feces; as long as it doses each shot and can hold temp across shots.


One sees Brutalism (blunt concrete architecture). But I see Surrealism (in this case architecture which happens to be combined with an unrelated function). Dada!


That’s exactly describes the dynamics of Rhinoceros diarrheic flow.


Speaking of rhino flow, have you ever seen a rhino take a piss? My dad and I were at San Diego Zoo in 1979. We were standing there looking at the Rhino exhibit and this big thing starts peeing. I said, “Dad! He’s peeing!” And then he continued to pee for about 2 minutes solid. A fat stream, like a garden hose. Both my dad and I stood in disbelief. Still remember it to this day.