This concrete espresso machine is countertop Brutalism

That avenue of joy has been closed to me.


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You have not lived, friend, until you have beheld the rhino stream, seen the steam.


Imagine chipping all the concrete away. The final visual could mirror the effect of seeing an unfortunate, fully shaved house cat.

Now entering into my daily planner: MUST SEEK OUT RHINOS WITH FULL BLADDERS

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Note: Avoid Rhinos with full rectums. Just say’n. Zoos, how do they work?


Now entering into my daily planner: DON’T SEEK OUT…

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Ugly and expensive; I wonder how practical it is for the actual job of brewing espresso?

For $799.00 it should be espresso from heaven.

Note to self: Buy a bag of concrete from Lowes, Buy a cheap espresso maker from Bed Bath and Beyond. Pour said espresso maker with concrete. Sell for $795.00.


“Is that all it does?”

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Anyway, tomorrow afternoon I shall have an excellent espresso at the best gelateria there is:

Hence the question, which basically boils down to: is it worth it?

IF it makes fantastic espresso and it works efficiently for a decent length of time*, then maybe it’s worth that steep price… to someone.

*Since 2 years seems to be the ‘standard’ for intended obsolescence in small machines these days, let’s say 3 to 5 years.


Foamcrete looks like interesting stuff. Concrete meets Mr Bubble. (YouTube has loads of videos.)

how many bars?

For truly good coffee? Might be worth it, but i’m pretty happy with my $35 brewer :slight_smile:


Hey, if it ain’t broke… don’t go out and spend $800 needlessly.


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I hope that this merry band learned the lessons of the brutalists who attempted damper climes without realizing that there are a variety of coatings you use not out of foppish inauthenticity to your materials; but because reinforced concrete degrades into a mess of rust stains and efflorescent calcium scum unless properly protected from moisture…

Otherwise things could go poorly.

How about concrete cleverly doped with optical fibers? That stuff is pretty cool in the right context.

Intriguing… I should look into this…

It’s all about the thickness of the concrete cover over the rebars.
And the mixture of the concrete itself.
And the pouring and compacting.
And the follow-up treatment.
And …

I know little about it, aside from its existence; but at least in the rigged demo glamor shots, the effect seems pretty cool(‘effects’, really, since you can get it with various concentrations and orientations of fiber for different optical effects).

Unfortunately, unless I just suck at searching, it seems to be more of an “architects planning reasonably large things please inquire!” material than a “proceed to ye big box home improvement store” so my desire to obtain it in modest quantities currently remains unresolved(and since the optical effects rely on controling distribution, concentration, and orientation, and appropriate surface finish, it doesn’t appear to be a matter of just cutting up some old fiber patch cables into a basic noob batch of cement and hoping for the best). Does look cool, though.