Make a pinhole camera from an Orange

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This artist uses her mouth as a pinhole camera. There was another photog who did this a long time ago, but I couldn’t find him.


Oranges are okay, but I like pinhole cameras made from old cylindrical oatmeal boxes. A small hole cut in a side, backed by a needle-poked pinhole in a sheet of tinfoil as the ‘lens’. Now load the box with a sheet of photo paper. The ‘shutter’ is a piece of tape set over the pinhole.

I would hesitate to use a citrus fruit as a ‘camera’ because of the film or paper’s chemical reaction to citric acid. Maybe hollow-out a squash instead. I foresee some experimentation: Which fruits or vegetables make the best cameras? Let’s have a contest!


We used a door to the coat room with a nail hole in it to show this effect in my elementary school. The 60s were weird.

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Just look at it!

…no, wait…

Never mind.

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