Make a rubber-band-powered gadget to win at Jenga

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In a much simpler manner, one could just use a string and pull (or a string with a hook attached). Just a version of the tablecloth trick, right?

tablecloth trick mike boyd GIF by Digg

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I wonder would a pool cue work?

I have neither a pool cue nor jenga blocks to test the theory.

Also, no friends and no beer.

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Jenga Beer Pong?

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Speed jenga beer pong.

With a chess clock.

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If you don’t want to go through the process of making one at home, your local slaughterhouse might let you borrow theirs!
Just tell them it’s for Jenga.


I really love the editing and SFX on The Q’s videos. Especially the “I’ve got an idea” finger-wag.

That guy with the funny haircut in No Country For Old Men had a device I bet worked for this too. Plus you could kill people with it.

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Speed giant jenga beer pong in a pub garden

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I see a few of us in the thread recognized this as a home-built low power captive bolt pistol

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My experience has been that the right blocks to pull out are the ones that already want to come out with just a little bit of coaxing. It might be due to subtle differences in the thickness of each block. The more stubborn blocks are the load-bearing ones holding up the structure. This thing just seems to enable anyone to pop out exactly the wrong blocks and end the game that much sooner. Cool craft project though.

It would be really cool to watch the destruction of a scaled up version. :smiley:

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