Make a temperature-sensing mini-blind controller


I always wanted to build an automated blind opener like this. But instead of sensing temperature I would use it as an alarm clock of sorts. Open the blinds when I want to wake up, close them when I’m trying to sleep.

I thought about doing something similar for my plants. I live in a west facing midrise above the height of the nearby trees. The sun is too intense in the afternoon but during the morning it would be nice to have blinds open so the houseplants could get light. When the sun got too strong in the afternoon, they’d close, saving both the plants and the air conditioning cost. I’d do it myself but I’m at the office when the change needs to happen.

Much cooler: figure out a way to do this without using wasting all that processing power…

A thermistor, a Wheatstone bridge, and a 2N2222, plus a relay. Add some photocells, a few TTLs, and it can figure out which way to turn the blinds, based on light levels to satisfy Engineer.

I’m going to make one of these for the sexy neighbor lady and make a cooling ray device for myself.

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