Make: an Aeropress/water bottle cold-brew dripper

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I tried the almond-milk bag method with a bunch of different coffees, and while it was drinkable, it just wasn’t very enjoyable cold-brew – kind of tasteless, and cleaning the muslin bag was a hassle afterwards. The bags are cheap, though.

This year I bought the Oxo Good Grips device after The Sweethome gave it top marks, and it makes excellent coffee, it’s easy to use, there’s little mess, and it looks great on the counter (as opposed to the Filtron, which is fussy, messy, and ugly, but does make good coffee).

If someone wanted to speed up their “cold brew” process it’s also possible to put the coffee in an airtight container and pressurize or vacuum seal it. It will quickly force the coffee out into the water. Can’t say i recommend it unless you happen to have the appropriate equipment or you’re desperate to make a lot of cold brew almost instantly. If you wanted to go down a rabbit hole you can Google how to achieve this. There’s a few methods :slight_smile:

Seems like (and based on the color of the coffee in that glass) this makes some seriously weak cold brew coffee.

I like the Hario Cold Brew pitcher. steep the coffee for hours, pull the basket out, you’re done. I reviewed it for Cool Tools:

I’ve used a Filtron for 20 years. The only messy/tricky part is dumping the grounds without losing the wool filter. It helps to have a carafe or other receptacle that the base of the Filtron coffee holder fits properly.

Purpose-built cold drip makers are available for less than the cost of the aeropress, and for a little more you can get a fancier-looking one:

And keeping the wool filter wet between uses so it doesn’t go moldy.

I liked both my Filtron and Toddy when I had them, but the Oxo’s been simpler so far.

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it looks like one of the fancier gadgets you buy for Sims when they can afford it.

Not going to click, I’ll just imagine the joke ad-copy they used to write in the Buy Items window (in an older version of the game) elevator music plays while I reminisce binge-playing sims after school

I rinse and squeeze mine out under the tap after use then toss in the freezer in a baggy. When I next want to use the Toddy I pop the frozen filter in a bowl of water and boil it for a few minutes in the microwave. No biggy. I expect the OXO is easier since it uses disposable filters.

It is an inexpensive copy of the ones from Japanese companies like Hario (which in turn are scaled-down versions of giant ice dippers in some cafes). Price is always a funny thing; people who think $70 for a coffee maker is extravagant will happily pay much much more for a pair of shoes, or a date.

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I’ll go on a free date, even without shoes, just for the guarantee of nice coffee from a stylish device. Sold.

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