OXO's Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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I used to work at an independent coffee shop in Reno about 10 years ago that made the most fabulous cold brew coffee. Strangely enough, even though i made the cold brew coffee all the time i have never attempted to make it at home. I highly recommend it though, you can have it either hot or cold but it works really well for cold flavored coffees (we made a ginger/thai and chai iced coffees that were great). Word of warning though, it really is strong. I made the mistake once of adding more coffee than water and i thought i was going to OD on caffeine.

I love my Toddy and would only switch to another system if it involved not using plastic anymore. I’d love a glass Toddy, even if it was expensive.

Strictly speaking I think Filtron was selling cold-brew makers before Toddy

These days the field is quite crowded; even Ronco has a cold-brewer. It is hard to know what marketing gap OXO thought needed filling.

I’ve taken to straining cold brew using my Aeropress. At the very least, my need to do things the same way every day is fulfilled, and no one gets upset at me for making a mess and forgetting to clean it up. :sweat_smile:

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Can you give us a rundown of how you made it, coffee to water proportions, and what equipment you used?

...and brews in your fridge, so the coffee is ready to drink as soon as it's steeped (the OXO and Toddy both brew on the countertop and then you have to transfer their output to the fridge to chill)

Huh. I put my Toddy brewer thing in the fridge. I guess I have a lot of space.

To a certain group of people, of which I am one, the phrase “nut-milk bag” is just not going to get any easier with repetition.

Gosh, it’s been like 12 years. I don’t recall the proportions and I haven’t looked up the equipment used but it was a glass container with a rubber stopper on the bottom. Over the hole you’d place a filter that is similar to a non metallic scrubbing pad (filter was washable and reusable). Worked great and was simple but I think most current gear you can get work just fine.

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