Make: an Arduino-based soda vending machine that fits in your school locker

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What’s this about schools phasing out lockers?

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How about not drinking sugar laden canned drinks? There i saved you the effort of building a robot that promotes unhealthy habits.


This machine is actually really comprehensive. He thought about all the details, and made sure everything was done and done correctly. For a high school student project, I am impressed!

Also, as someone with a BMI under 23 but a bloodstream full of bacon grease, I am not one to criticize someone else’s dietary choices…


Sounds specious. We kept plenty of things in our lockers besides books. Coats, gym stuff, etc. I had a minibar.

I ignored mine for three years. Maybe that’s when I learned to travel light?

How about congrats to the student for his ingenuity before we suggest he changes his business model for a healthier one? Also, better he get the profits than some big company.


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