Man tries to dislodge stuck popcorn from a vending machine

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Pretty sure that was just a regular adjustable foot and there was nothing but weight (and good sense) to keep him from jostling the whole thing.


Death by vending machines has been significantly reduced since they have implemented warning labels: Sharks vs. vending machines: Which kills more people yearly?

I’m more distracted by the cost of the items, $2 a bag.


Yeah, he spent like ten bucks to get about a dollar-fifty’s worth of Smartfood.


This was a good scene in the film “The Darwin Awards”, which is a seriously underated film, IMO.


I’m making this into a video game but with bitcoin. Same return on investment!


What would have happened with A3?

You would have gotten an overly large sheet of paper.


meh, no longer available, been made private or taken down :frowning:


Mic drop…

I always jostle, but NOT FROM THE FRONT.

Whenever I get a “suspended treat” like this, I stand beside the machine and give it a solid hip-check. Mostly works, and risks nothing. The low-down knock won’t topple the machine; at least, not until my hips get a lot harder and stronger. And it always gets a smile when I do it for bystanders who are frustrated with their own vending machine disappointments.

ETA: Of course, if your machine is, say, between two other machines you’re out of luck. No hip-checks for you. Choose your machine carefully before you pay… :slight_smile:

I don’t have a TikTok account and I can still see it.

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I, too, am a jostler. I try to be extra-mindful of the fact that a vending machine is a big box with some weight in the side panel that can absolutely fall and fatally pin me to the ground. In my life I’ve retrieved a handful of items with no damage and no panicked/uncontrolled moments.

Generally my method is to carefully tilt the machine a bit in one direction, and then bring it back to level with a little extra force added. Never ever repeated/rocking movements.

Before any motion is applied my first move is to ask the front desk if they have a key. (works semi often)

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Some vending machines I’ve used have a sensor that can tell when a bag has dropped. If one gets stuck, it will just keep turning the screw. I’ve gotten two and sometimes three for the price of one.


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