Vending machine fails to dispense ice cream


It’s not intended to dispense ice cream. It’s a game…you have to be the vacuum.

Rather than spongebob, the novelty that this REALLY needs to stock is the alien from the toystory movies…“The SUCK, The SUCK.”

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Go home, ice cream machine. You’re drunk.


It’s like a skill-tester, except it’s testing the skill of the designer.


There is no vacuum

Sensor malfunctions suck.

$3.00 for a popsicle? Or is it $3.00 to play a game of chance in which one could win a popsicle that isn’t worth $3.00?

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Note that these aren’t simple popsicles, they’re the “several-hundred-calorie-chocolate-bar-branded-ice-cream-confections”. $3 sounds near enough to what you’d pay at a convenience store for one of those, at least here in Canada, so that sounds about right for a vending machine as well.

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