Make the internet better by empowering users, not by demanding that platforms implement automated filters

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Unfortunately, sensible proposals like this will get drowned out by the ever present coalition of outrage.

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That’s a nice soundbyte, but what does it mean?

This seems to suggest that every parent should be rolling their own filtering solution for the Internet. A noble goal, but way beyond what a typical parent is capable of achieving. At best you’re talking about a highly complex system where parents have to pick and choose from a large laundry list of “bads” which will inevitably lead to the same problems listed above in the article. I mean what parent isn’t going to check the “graphics depictions of genitalia” for their kid’s filter, which would block the Our Bodies book in addition to Pornhub. Even if your system has a filter for “educational drawn depictions of genitalia” (presumably on page 87 of the list of filter categories) you still run into danger from schoolgirl hentai mangas that teach entirely the wrong lessons about how to handle blackmail and rape in an educational setting.

The kind of fine grained yet still permissive blocking technology this article seems to advocate for is seemingly impossible with current technology and available time for the parents. There is no good solution for this.

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Make the internet better

Just about anything is better, and what a starting line the Inter-Webs should be proud of…


It SOUNDS nice, but people are in general very stupid and very gullible. And there are some things that people just shouldn’t be allowed to choose for themselves to see.

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Just one example? Twitter and Fecesbook could easily give users the functionality to automate blocking, and to choose that the one-sided interactions of the users they mute not reinforce those users visibility to the muter’s followers. Instead they use risible algorithmic filtering that does as much harm as good, because empowering users runs counter to social media companies’ actual business model of commoditizing their users to advertisers.

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As a parent, who today wiped a tablet because of all the stupidity of setting up an age appropriate google account for an under 13 yr old. Don’t. Just be a good person and teach your kid how to discern what they want to see. Parent by conversation, education, and empowement. Its not going to be perfect but your kid wont be stuck in a world where they have to ask your permission to watch antscanada on YouTube. Converse with your kid and teach them to trust u to not freak out. This monitoring and remote control just teaches kids to expect it in their lives. It is crippling for a free human


[This is mostly for younger kids]

Require that services implement parental whitelisting (by item and by channel/group/whatever), and grant the ability to block all comments (meaning all comments and even the mention of comments is hidden).

Fancy blocklists are trash and will have unintended (or non-obvious intended) side effects. Don’t block the bad. Just explicitly allow the good.

Boom- done.

Also boom: will never happen.

I empower myself with automated filters, not sure how this fits on the landscape, but works for me.

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