Wanting It Badly Is Not Enough: Real Problems For Creators Deserve Real Solutions

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So, if the filters don’t already exist in a way now that does what they want done… and China, whose whole bag is censorship, can’t lock it in… and YouTube has already spent $60M on a system that misses more than it catches, and has trouble with false IDs… and the filters would have to be created, tested, and figured out… but it will take effect the instant the regulations are passed… this sounds more and more like a boondoggle.

A huge one, sure. Like… Trump Wall YUGE.

My first thought for a way to end-run around linking to news stories is to provide the exact title of the story, the name of the site where it can be found, and a separate link to Google where people can piece together those two bits of info and look it up themselves. It could even be a large button that says “Take Me to Google So I Can Look This Sh*t Up” (or your search engine of choice; I went with Google because, you know, effing Google) You wouldn’t be able to include snippets of the article, so it would require more writing and summarizing.

Sure, direct links are far easier, plus the source site’s analytics can tell them where the links are coming from. Oblique linking would render that data useless. Also, I’m sure that ad revenue enters into it at some point.

But I haven’t dived into this nearly as deeply as you have. Maybe that would be illegal under these new regulations as well.

Also, I’m not making my living through my writing, so I’m approaching this as a consumer, not a creator.

But I would be willing to bet that people far smarter and more devious than I am are already figuring out ways around this, or (more likely) to capitalize on it…

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