Artists against Article 13: when Big Tech and Big Content make a meal of creators, it doesn't matter who gets the bigger piece

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I have been following the news around the copyright filter and there are many issues with it that are already mentioned, but I just thought of one issue I haven’t seen addressed yet.

It appears every site should build it’s own copyright system. This means that every material that is supposed to be copyrighted has to be submitted to each filter at every site. If you are the rightful copyright holder and you forgot to register your copyright to the filter of a certain site and someone else falsely claims this, you’ll have a hard time fighting that claim. After all, sites are only required to provide a filter and not easy ways to fight false claims.

If there is going to be a central database of copyrighted material (of which I have not seen any mention yet) the big question is who is going to pay for this. It is not going to make money, but it is going to cost money. Operating cost will be substantial and it is going to cost a lot more money if claims against false copyrights have to be investigated by people and not automatically denied by bots.

If there is going to be one central database, what are the safeguards that it won’t be used for censorship, for now and in the future (when laws change)?


That would probably be prohibitive due to the cost. Smaller sites would probably have to license copyright filter from one of a few providers.

Probably every user-content website owner would have to pay a fee to private filter provider. The filter marketplace would probably be an oligopoly, so the fees would be high.

It will be. Not only, as you mentioned, by governments (if the laws change), but immediately by copyright owner. The filter won’t discern between fair use and copyright infringement, thus being an useful tool to silence criticism of anything that is copyrighted. The other option will be to falsely register other person’s work to remove it from internet. Such problems are already occurring with Youtube copyright filter, and it’ll get way worse with mandatory ones. Filter provider, being a private company won’t have to care about concepts such as freedom of expression.

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As an artist in the EU art13 does nothing for me. It won’t make anyone pay me more, it won’t expand my market so there are more people paying. I’m not being pirated so the protections means nothing, and even if I was, the protections means nothing.

As a private citizen living in the EU art13 scares the shit out of me. That is some seriously fucked up legislation yo. Sociopaths r us style.

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