How the EU will force all artists to use Youtube, forever

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Thankfully, once they’ve helped cement a monopoly they dislike they’ll be able to pile on ‘fixes’.

Yes, we accidentally made Youtube god emperor forever; but the Audiovisual Media Services Directive will make them adhere to content quotas, so it’s all better…

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I’m curious how Article 13 is going to work out for image hosts like Imgur or image-board focused communities like 4chan. Both of those are full of otherwise copyright images.

It would kill them.


Yeah, that was my impression. Fuck.

Well, as long as Pinterest also takes a bullet in the brain pan, squish, so that image searches become useful again, then that would be grand.


for some reason this reminds me of an invention called the camera. i’m quite sure many artists were appalled only to find themselves utilizing the device while social leaders thought they had found an opportunity to finally control how, when and where works were displayed.

Are you saying that Censorship AI is the Camera Obscura of our age? I don’t know whether to be appalled at that statement or celebrate it. Though I don’t know what shape it would take, I Can’t wait to meet the Edward Weston of Copyright Algorithms.

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