Youtube CEO: EU Copyright Directive means that only large corporations will be able to upload videos

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So we’re for the YouTube destroying legislation now??

Wait, wasn’t Google’s own copyright database the model for Article 13? Not that I’m in any way an article 13 supporter, but it seems weird that this is “just good business” when they build it for industry, but “devastating overreach” when the requirement comes from government…

The difference is that with ContentID Goog was going beyond what copyright required, in order to cooperate with rightsholders. Under this arrangement, Goog could decide who could add things to the blocklist and kick people out if they abused it, and if the blocklist let something copyrighted slip through, Goog’s duty was to respond to takedown notices. But under A13, Goog has to accept blocklist entries from EVERYONE, they can’t terminate someone’s ability to add to the blocklist if they abuse it, and if a single work slips through despite the blocklist, Google is liable for massive statutory damages.


The conservatives trying to eliminate all risk of someone pirating something of theirs are the same ones who will lecture you endlessly about how risk of bad things happening to you is just the price of Freedom.

Could someone please do this on my behalf? I’m too American to do that. I promise to vote against the Republicans come November, in exchange.

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