Youtube CEO: it will be impossible to comply with the EU's new Copyright Directive (adios, Despacito!)

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you mean I might never have to see Despacito again!


Yeah, they know, they wrote it that way. Copyright hardliners whose financial imagination is limited to the most basic forms of rent-seeking hate platforms like youtube, as flawed as they are, they are far too democratic and distributed for the tastes of these stone-hewn megaliths of yesteryear.


I prefer old-fashioned European copyright laws. I had a book of Veronica Franco’s poems with a facsimile of the frontispiece from 1575 (or was it 1580?), which had a note from the Pope saying anyone who made illicit copies of the book would be excommunicated.


I thought this was going to lock-out all startup competitors by requiring YouTube-level copyright screening for all submissions. But now even YouTube says that it’s too much?

I guess they need to lower the bar just a little bit.


“Legislators, step away from the internet. You don’t know how it works and might break it with your inept prodding.”


They are trying to break it.




“EU residents are at risk of being cut off from videos…”

The horror…the horror.

Seriously, the fact that the CEO thinks that being unable to access some videos on YouTube is cause for alarm says it all.


As if that wasn’t the intention all along. Hard not to see this as the big last gasp at trying to stuff the genie back in the bottle.


I think this demonstrates YouTube’s belief that popular equals right. There are plenty of good arguments against the EU laws, but simply saying that popular videos would fall fowl of them isn’t one.

If YouTube valued truly original content, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, they only value revenue (which is understandable), and in turn only value views, not quality (which is a shame).


Copyright infringement is Youtube’s bread and butter. You’re not fooling anyone, Wojcicki.

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Laws require some level of buy in and general adherence for them to be meaningful. There is no democratic vote as direct as voting with one’s action. If a mere majority of the people support eternal and drastically restricted copyright, but 99% of the people regularly violate that law by watching shared videos online, then you’re better off ditching the law and working something else out. We’ve rapidly reached a situation where we’re simply engendering a lack of respect for rule of law.

Copyright law is an area where the internet has exposed a vast gulf between laws, politicians, and revealed preference.

Copyright infringement is society’s bread and butter. We’re the ones violating it.

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I thought music videos showing male performers grabbing their own crotches went out in the 90s.

But the society at large does not base its business model on it. Youtube does.

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