Record label censors copyright lawyers' site by falsely claiming it infringes copyright


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It seems to be a shame that false infringement take down requests don’t have some clauses like court costs, legal fees, and a penalty for the victims.

If not, there is probably a rich future for some AI or teams of lawyers just submitting requests until there are no sites left to claim against.


Once again, the obvious solution is to turn their weapons against them. Multiple reports of infringement against every elected representative would bring change in a hurry.


It’s copyright infringement all the way down?


That’s the point. Keep people and communities from communicating directly, so they go back to being passive consumers of broadcast media. The broadcast media purveyors will all cross license, and it’s a business boon for them if the competition is simply silenced.


So then they will get back all that ad revenue that Google and FB have taken?

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I thought that was the entire point of the system. If there was a penalty the notices couldn’t be applied with wild abandon… This is all about limiting video to IP owners whims…


Can we use this against them? Would a few million takedown notices against the “IP owners” with our own false claims be enough to get them to KITFO? Probably not, but I like the idea of Disney/Time-Warner/etc. getting pulled from Google on a daily basis until they stop supporting these laws.


SaReGaMa! The morons who tried to imitate King Canute

While technically not a copyright troll, because they technically own the rights to the recording, that would make this recording the most “pirated” one of all times; you walk down any street in the morning, and I can bet that you’ll hear it from at least 30% of houses and shops. It’s literally ubiquitous.

And what copyright is this exactly? On a piece of scripture that’s at least 2000 years old?

Yeah… I’m not surprised…

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You got it.

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