Not in our name: Why European creators must oppose the EU's proposal to limit linking and censor the internet

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If the unthinkable happens, like how we ended up with Trump as our president against apparent logic, I wonder if anyone can try to steer this toward the side of neutral, if not good?

In other words, for the politicians that are horrid, or corporations that are horrid, could bots be set up to instantly take down anything they post or anything posted about them?

How much flex will there be in the system for activists to take advantage of the new dystopian landscape?

If the works are gummed up enough, is it something that would be abandoned?

It’s been forever since I read the Hithhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, but this reminds me of the planet where all of the people had evolved into birds because of regulations involving shoes, or walking on the ground. The details are fuzzy; but it’s what immediately came to mind.

David Kaye is the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Not hard to get that right when it’s in his letter.

I feel like there are two options here for these people who are supporting this insanity…

  1. Complete ignorance of how the internet works and how creators earn a living in the 21st.
  2. They’re making some sweet lucre from the big businesses who will benefit from it.


Unless the law itself is written with enough mathematical precision to be code (in this case, a program that takes to files as input and returns “infringing” or “not infringing” as output), no one should attempt to enforce it algorithmically.

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