European lawmaker writes post warning about dangers of automatic copyright filters, which is taken down by an automatic copyright filter

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Sounds like a case of self preservation. Give that filter a raise!


Proof of concept.


Or did someone do this deliberately?

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maybe the internet needs an “irony” filter too. /s

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Paper is a meme.
Filter is a meme.
Memes do battle.
To the victor goes the spoils.

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In the great Star Trek novel Section 31: Control, an intelligent (but not sentient) computer program written 200 years before the era of TNG was tasked with preserving the Earth’s security (and later the Federation’s, at it’s own discrimination) would silence, censor, and kill computer researchers who thought the program was exceeding it’s original mandate.

I’m afraid to think we took a step in that direction.

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oh, @cory, it wasnt just julias article, as this article from torrentfreak mentions:

Even more bizarrely, perhaps, the same notice also lists several articles about the EU “upload filter” and “link tax” proposals.
This includes the campaign site, this article from Boing Boing, as well as an article from the German news site Der Spiegel, and a post from law firm Wilde Beuger Solmecke.
Worryingly, the same notice also lists an article from EU Member of Parliament Julia Reda, which Google has indeed removed from its index.

yep, even BoingBoing was in the takedown-notice.


Agreed Topple Track is/was a mess, which is why it is no longer a functioning service.

But the post was never censored, it was always freely available on Julia’s blog, and it was posted on Twitter, Hacker news and literally 100s of sites.

In fact, If you want to find the blog post just Google it. It’s in Google, freely available!

the post only reappeared in the search results after google had terminated the cooperation with toppletrack, exactly because of this fuckup.

and her post wasnt the only one and you should know damn well if something doesnt show up in google, its practical almost nonexistent, as julia explains in the following post


ah, now I see. welcome to boingboing; your user-profile seems quite interesting, given the very nature of this article…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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