Make this android do funny walks

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I can’t even handle QWOP. How do they expect anyone to deal with 13 sliders??


Needs to be able to provide different sets of parameters for different cycles to be able to truly match the work of the Ministry of Silly Walks

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At least it walks for you automatically.

Came for the Ministry. Leaving satisfied.


in the late 90s there was a simulator that would create i guess animals and then it would try to walk. once it failed the app used what it knew and made a new one. and so on. i think it was a little more complex than that but my memory fails me. loved that thing. this reminds me of it. cant remember what it was called. wonder if it still exists in some form?

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You can make it walk really silly, but no matter what I did I couldn’t get the arms to swing in the same direction as the legs (as opposed to the opposite). This is something we used to do in college (you know, just to be - silly).

The world just keeps making up excuses to revisit “Going to the Store”

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This looks like something Deadpool would do …

I got him to do a pretty good Groucho. Needs a “cigar” slider.

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