Maker Mayhem: Low Moments in How-To History, Part #14


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The results are sometimes a bit kitschy. Is that the mayhemous part? What is exceptional on medicine bottles, how do they differ from other prefab parts just begging for reuse?

Please explain the issue to a clueless engineer?

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Woops looks like they forgot to disable comments this time around.

So why not continue to let us rip these articles to shreds.


They don’t. Matt Maranian’s basic schtick is “arts’n’crafts are revoltingly non-ironic and strictly for uncultured poor people.” There’s not really a rationale to any of it beyond that. (And today also we hate, uh, people who use inhalers, apparently? Those filthy asthmatics, so uncouth.)

But let’s not dwell on negativity. We can turn this comment thread into a space to share more useful applications for the stuff that Maker Mayhem loathes! Empty pill bottles are super handy in the home workshop for storing screws, batteries, paperclips, and other small objects. Narrow ones are the perfect size for stashing a stack of quarters for the laundromat. They’re also great for travel-size portions of shampoo, hand lotion, etc. if you’re flying and don’t want to bother going out for travel bottles.

Anyone want to try popsicle sticks/tongue depressors? Or check the tag for more inspiration.

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And the eyedrop bottles, they are excellent for dispensing small amounts of low or low-ish viscosity fluids, from flux to chemistry indicators.

And syringes, and needles. Excellent for flux, solder pastes, greases…

I suggested to my wife that pill bottles could little rattles or other fun toys for the kids.

She replied that she didn’t want them to get the idea it was okay to play with or open pill bottles.

Good point.

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Leads me to a thought. A bit of cayenne pepper or other certainly-non-fatal-but-unpleasant substance in such a bottle, for carrying a self-discovered message that stuff in such little pretty bottles is to be avoided?

…brain, stop. No suggesting a cartoon episode of this method backfiring by turning the child into a fire-breathing capsaicine-craving chillihead.

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