Why these 1990 anti-drug pencils were recalled


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They forgot one image:
“To do: drugs”


“We have to convince the kids these days that drugs are not cool. Ideas?”
“How about we go to their schools and give them pencils advertising the fact that they are too cool for them?”
“And if that doesn’t work?”
“Well, we can always throw the black ones in jail.”


This pencil has the makings of an urban legend, but they were the subject of 1998 NY Times article.

And a Feb 25, 2014 BoingBoing post!

And I’m pretty sure I remember this being part of a Futility Closet BB post.


I remember these. My best friend went through college addicted to rugs.


I think it was a lateral thinking puzzle on one of their podcasts.


There’s sort of a narrative quality to the progression, no? heheh


i put this on a shirt a long time ago:


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