The story behind the "Too Cool To Do Drugs" pencil





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WAIT. Did you say the pencil error was found at the Ticonderoga school?

Is it in the Dixon district?


Why not just reverse the direction of the text? With “Too cool” near the eraser.


Never can post this enough:


I’m sure drug use at Ticonderoga Elementary suddenly spiked as the pencils got shorter. After all, we all know what effect pencil-borne propaganda messages have on the juvenile brain.


We’ll have no gratutious rug references here at Boing Boing.


The little rat had to go and spoil the fun for everybody didn’t he?



You mean rug rat, don’t you?


Even with that change, a resourceful kid could cut off the eraser and sharpen from that end. At least that’s what I would do.


It’s the #2 school in the county!



this wouldn’t be a problem if they had made these pencils for left handers



“Yup, that’s me. I’m not doing drugs cuz my PENCIL said so. Time for math homework!”

sharpens pencil


“OMG where’s my heroin?”


Did you over-sharpen your lip pencil too?


From the post you are commenting on (not even the linked story).

A new batch of pencils will have the message written in the opposite direction, so when they are sharpened, they will read “Too Cool To Do” and finally “Too Cool.”


@wishlish I’m sure they’re all over the globe, but in Australia it’s not uncommon to see “DRUGS ARE BAD MMKAY” or similar printed onto the small plastic splashguards commonly found in urinals, usually in a bar or pub. It always amuses me to ponder whether even once, in the entire history of these existing has the following scenario played out:

A man stumbles into a bathroom, a little drunk, looking forward to shooting up the horse he’s just bought, when he realises his bladder is bursting and that he might piss himself if shoots up before taking a piss. He stands above the urinal, and while releasing his bladder he glances down and sees “SAY NO TO DRUGS” printed on a cheap piece of plastic with a primary purpose to stop piss splashing on people. Seeing this message, the man decides. Actually today is the day. TODAY I GIVE UP HERION.


came here to say this.

I’m calling shenanigans.


Yes…that was my thought. Then use a pop-on eraser. Alternatively, use tools to take off the original eraser, then crimp it on again at the other end.