Whale-shaped, hand-forged, kid-friendly pencil-sharpening knives


I’m not saying these whale blades are not clever and potentially useful…they seem to be.

But any US resident that thinks this is a good gift for children…will be proven to be sorely mistaken.

I dunno. I was given a pocket knife as a kid and I managed to not stab myself.

Of course, I was also given a .22 caliber rifle for my seventh birthday and managed not to shoot anyone either.

Parents these days…


Really, even for your own children or when you ask the parents in advance? Like all my siblings I got knife for my sixth birthday. I still have all my fingers and have never stabbed anyone. I’d say that if you can’t trust a child around that age with a knife, then something went wrong.

On the other hand I am not sure how prevalent those zero-tolerance policies that tide us over many a slow news day are in real life.


Sadly, I tend to agree. Not because that kids aren’t capable of using a knife safely and responsibly. I was and some of my younger rellies are now. There’s no point in being a weird uncle if you don’t give the sort of gifts that parents would never dream of giving. I’ve been trolling my brother for years through his kids.

I think the parents may regret it because of the shrill Helen-Lovejoy-esque screechings of the bubble-wrap-everything brigade, backed up by a school system that seems to be determined not just to suck all the fun out of childhood, but to actually make being a curious and intelligent child illegal.

Of course, that’s not a reason not to get one. In fact, quite the opposite. Just be aware that it’s going to annoy the sort of people who I think could use a little annoying. :slight_smile:


True. But only because they’ll bring it to school and get expelled.


do 12 year olds even know what pencils are any more?


“Slightly blunt”? I have been told that is the most dangerous kind of knife…


That shocked me, too, but it seems to refer to the tip of the sperm whale version. According to the descriptions the edges are sharp, as they should be.

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$55? To sharpen pencils?
Money > Sense, I guess.


Yeah, it seems like an expensive, constantly-pointy way to achieve the same thing a small folding knife could for under a tenner (I still have the knife my dad bought me when I was seven. You can actually shave with it).

Okay, seriously? Sharpening pencils?

If you want to sharpen a pencil, you use a pencil sharpener. They make these little tiny square ones that fit in the palm of your hand, they feature recessed blades that children can’t hurt themselves or anything else with, and they cost mere cents to produce.

There’s absolutely no reason for this product to exist. 1) It’s far too big and wastes materials. 2) It’s far too expensive. 3) It does the same job as ordinary pencil sharpeners but with less efficiency and precision, while requiring more manual effort and skill. 4) It’s potentially dangerous - those “dull” blades can still cut, and the humpback whale blade comes to a rather nasty point. 5) It’s a blade that is made to look cute, which is a conflict of interests akin to having candy flavored medicine or firearms that resemble toys - potentially dangerous objects should be treated as such, not as toys.

You want to give your kids knives? Sure, go right ahead, but teach them to respect knives as dangerous tools that they need to treat with caution and care. There’s no reason to spend absurd amounts of money on a “safe” blunted knife that looks like a toy. Give them a real knife that is obviously a knife, that is properly sharp, that not even the most innocent of babes could mistakenly view or treat as a toy. Save a bunch of money, and don’t send the kid conflicting messages.

Then go buy them a goddamn pencil sharpener instead of making them whittle their pencils by hand.


Totally not a problem to toss in a backpack or shove into a pocket.

That ergonomic flat stamped metal hilt is sure not to slip in little hands.

Comes with a envelope shaped, hand stuffed, paper sheathe.

Aerodynamic too. Weighted for throwing… both important qualities to a young connoisseur of pencil sharpening.

Artistic squiggles are suggestive of grip knurling popular on military pencil sharpeners.


I like these, but there’s no way I’d give Humpie the Humpbacked clip-point tactical pencil sharpener to a boy between the ages of 6 and 25. Creepy as it sounds, Spermy would be a much better gift for children - and delightfully, equally likely to appal the No-Fun Brigade, for entirely different reasons…

I am a little surprised that knives for children seem to be that problematic in America. I understand that schools tend to frown upon that kind of thing, but other than that, what is going to happen?


nice out-of-the box thinking

the Japanese thing with knives, maybe?

well thank you for saving the planet. are you one of those guys who yell after SUVs?

that has never stopped anything being drooled over on bb.

what’s so terrible about knife skills


This dumb knife, mainly.


Coulda/shoulda made a whale-shaped ᐅᓗ. It would be just the thing for cutting up some muktuk.



Yes, there are many cheaper alternatives and nobody really needs this, but that’s true of many things. Unfortunately “artisinal Japanese knife-making” and “cheap” don’t necessarily go together. That’s why we are talking about them on a website instead of rushing to buy one. I still think they are kind of neat. Of course figurative design like that is a little twee, but for children that is excusable.