Maker Mayhem: Low Moments in How-To History, Part 5


I am upset at the hate speech this post uses against people who like tinfoil.


Well, that’s just crazy paranoia…

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Well, you two pretty much wrapped it up before I got here. I’m just going to close the door on my way out…


What you did thar…

Yeah, ain’t nothin’ better than a nice big piece of crumpled-up aluminum foil to chew on. Nothing else tastes quite like it!

Tinfoil head wear aficionados face enough prejudice as it is, but to criticize tasteful maker variations, such as the clever braided tinfoil pigtail wig? What’s next, making fun of schizophrenic cancer patients? :frowning:

I wouldn’t want my kid to grow up and marry a Tinner…

That kid is definitely channeling Fifi Brindacier.

I was thinking Pipi … [does google image-search, returns]. OH!


I had the pleasure of reading the Pipi comics recently. Much fun, and eerie how many incidents I remembered from the books, lo! these 3+ decades gone.

Especially when you have teeth of gold or copper alloy. The taste of the galvanic cell is… exquisite.


Everyone knows that the tinfoil keeps the mind control waves out

You probably don’t read/speak French: ‘brindacier’ or more correctly ‘brin d’acier’ means filament/little-piece/bit of steel.

You sir are an anti-tinite

I remember asking my mother to make one of these for me but she said “oh, no honey, you’re already too tin”

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If you say it fast, it’s funny.

Kid needs a toy horse to carry around over his head.

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Can’t stand these puns -they’re giving me tinnitus.

It appears the author has issues with orange juice…

Only a Tinner can call another Tinner Tinner…

You know, making jokes about homemade costumes, in regards to a picture from an era when the majority of costumes were homemade, really doesn’t work well.