Comments closed on the latest "Low Moments"?

A bit disappointed that the latest installment of “Low Moments in How-to History” seems to have comments closed. As I have commented before, this has been one of my favorite recurring BB features specifically because of the comments it engenders.

The text of the article itself, another sneering dismissal of previous generations’ low-budget arts-and-crafts projects, is of little interest to me. I was, rather, looking forward to seeing a variety of other BB readers once again come forward to share their own stories, inspired by the article, including folks who actually grew up in the era of the source text.

Without those comments, though, the article’s just searing acid dropped onto a clean countertop, catalyzing nothing beautiful.



Yes! That is a word that was used by me.

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Better subjects for this series would be something like the downright dangerous DIY dumbassery displayed at the likes of thereifixedit.

Or maybe crappy infomercial products! But firehosing vitriol at some harmless goofy craft project is like laying into a toddler for producing a substandard fingerpainting. The phrase “punching down” springs to mind.


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