Time Leak Equality


@Donald_Petersen has suggested we let threads that pop up for old pre-Discourse posts have their 5 days in the sun. I’m all for it. Us helpful regulars could still put a comment pointing out that it’s an old post, but we wouldn’t bother @Falcor with closing it.

Obviously the final decision is up to the Powers That Be, but hopefully they’ll take our our input into consideration since it’s a BBS community issue.

  • Time leaks should have the same 5 day comment section as new posts.
  • Time leaks should stuffed back down the wormhole from whence they came.

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Disneyland: WAIT IN FIVE LINES just to get in

Thanks, @GulliverFoyle!

For everyone else, a short bit of discussion on this topic began here:


I’m in favour of keeping the time leak articles open to comments, but with a changed title making it clear it is a time leak.


I say give them a chance. They are often some of the best older posts, and can be less rage-inducing than the current affairs ones. Obviously, some will be irrelevant, but they can be locked or let to die naturally.


While I voted for the option to let them stay open, I do feel like it should be noted that the information contained within the story is dated and may not be true anymore. Like the five lines at Disney thing. There are now either two lines or twenty, but probably not still five.


This was a silly post in the first place, honestly.
LINE ONE: parking your car. Well, yeah. If you’re driving somewhere, you need to park.
LINE TWO: taking a tram. Wait, we’re complaining that Disney offers a tram from the parking lot?
LINE THREE: Security. This is a random-pick thing these days. Even if chosen for the metal detector, you never have to wait more than a minute, even on the busiest days.
LINE FOUR: Tickets. Are there people who buy tickets every day? Why not buy them ahead of time?
LINE FIVE: Getting into the park. There’s about 30-40 entrance booths. Even on the busiest days, this is ten-fifteen minutes, max.


Regulars could change the titles. And since these aren’t official BB posts this time, why would TPTB mind?

Just add #5yearsago or whatever onto the end of the title?


I agree with the keep-but-tag idea. :slight_smile:


These posts are still in the boing category, and regulars can’t change those titles anymore.


Ah. Didn’t realize that power had gone away.


The thing about that power was that changes to the title dropped the topic from the boing category. Taking it away was probably the simplest solution.


I say keep them open with some sort of disclaimer that it’s stale unless it’s truly something outdated (long dead celebrity, etc.)


Anybody got a Banana from the Crypt gif?


All we are saying is give peas leeks a chance.


New category: TimeWarp ?

If it’s so trivial for people to note that the link to the boingboing blog isn’t recent, can’t the TimeWarp category be automatically applied, or a flag option for “This is a TimeWarp”?


Well, it’s just a jump to the left…



I didn’t vote because I have mixed feelings. A lot of them are pretty excellent but without a note at the top of the post mentioning it’s a throwback post, the throwbacks have a tendency to be disruptive.

For now, my vote is “ask for a closure if the original post is almost definitely going to be disruptive or give an impression that a current event is happening … and ask the mods to leave the thread open if it’s part of the Directory of Wonderful Things.”


If it was equality then why is it always Cory posts that time slip?


Cory regularly tweets about his old posts.

If he opens them up in Wordpress when he’s reviewing them, it generates a thread here.