Maker of WordPress raises $160m because they can


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“it’s nice to see that open-source WordPress can still have a fighting chance”

Um, WP powers over 22.0% of the top 10 million sites on the web, including BoingBoing. It is probably the most widely used CMS currently available and for good reason - it rocks!

That’s a little more than a “fighting chance”.

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If they would like help in managing that $160 million, I would make myself available.

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Do you need an agent?

But is that just the self-hosted version, its use from which Automattic probably doesn’t see a penny, or their own service, or both?

Cue the sound of a cash register…cha-ching!

How many hundreds of millions of gallons of urine per day will this monster produce?


I’m not so sure about the “it rocks” sentiment. It’s simple and easy to use by the end user, but try being a developer with WordPress. We do it, it works, but that’s about as far as I’d say it goes. It has an easy deployment story (thanks to PHP) but is in no way ‘current’ in how PHP has evolved (composer etc.).


“It’s simple and easy to use by the end user, but try being a developer with WordPress”

We’re going to have to disagree on this point. I have been developing on WP for a number of years and continue to prefer it as a platform. Many of the projects were applications outside of the the blogging realm, including: inventory management, shopping carts, geolocation mapping, and emergency alert systems.

Though, as you noted, it’s best feature is how easy it is to use for the client. Overhead for training and support has always been less than with other CMS options.

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I love Wordpress. It’s been easy code to install, manage and tweak. You’re encouraged to fiddle, build and push boundaries. It has the same builder’s charm as Lego or Minecraft.

Facebook, Twitter, Goolge and countless others are trying to rope users into their hosted systems. These companies don’t contribute to a distributed web ecosystem, they create a web where users are corralled and their personal data becomes a commodity.

The fact that Wordpress continues to update and freely distribute their software for people to install and run on their own servers makes me think the world of them. They encourage innovation and give people agency. They are exactly the kind of organization I would like to see succeed.

Wordpress needs to die in a fire. After being stabbed a few times with a rusty screwdriver. Then the ashes need to be gathered up, placed into a metal drum, stuck on the top of a rocket, and launched into the sun.

Then the entire solar system should be abandoned and we should make our way to the stars, because our sun is now tainted with the horribleness that is Wordpress. Any life that its accursed rays fall upon will be possessed by pure evil and must be destroyed without hesitation.

When we reach a high enough level of technology, we should drop Sol into a black hole and be done with the whole sad affair.

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