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I don’t know that I’d call choosing Wordpress as the “smart choice.” its popularity makes it a prime vector for hacker infiltration and attack. So you’re really painting a target on your back when you go with it as your platform.


“Don’t hire the kid next door, he smells funny” Way to denigrate web developers while also making it seem like it’s so easy, anyone can do it. I’ve never seen any non-technical person be able to build their own website. At best they can make a site using squarespace, and even then, minor customizations give people fits.

Oh i’m triggered!


Pretty nice package, was worth the price for the GeoCities theme alone!


Wordpress? I am going to revoke your geek card.

Octopress or hand coded HTML that is what you get.


I say embrace the lame.


An interesting hypothesis there, which would seemingly obtain for the most popular anything. Makes you think.

Would it also apply to the most popular secure communications protocol, for example?

Whatever is the biggest, most widely used product will always have more people looking for security vulnerabilities than all the rest. So that’s why Windows is a bigger vector for hackers than linux. More targets.

But it’s not always best to go with a lesser known platform. It’s highly inadvisable to go with a roll-your-own encryption algorithm than tried and tested, universal ones, even if they are used everywhere.

And it also doesn’t make financial sense to go with a bespoke web cms platform. Reinventing the wheel isn’t cheap. But I have always tried to persuade my clients to steer clear of Wordpress. But because of financial and ongoing support considerations, I haven’t always been successful. And in those cases, it’s easy to detect all kinds of people/bots banging their heads against the back door, trying to get in.


Did someone say lifetime access? :confused:

I get Wordpress attacks all the time, and I don’t even run Wordpress.


Don’t hire the kid next door, he smells funny. Instead, use your resourcefulness and check out Theme Junkie, a library of responsive, SEO-optimized WordPress themes that are easily deployed without writing any code yourself.

I assume this post has somehow slipped through from the Bizarro World Boing Boing publishing queue, and they’re currently rubbing their butts over one of ours.

Me too. Our site runs Drupal.

Vive l’accent aigu!

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I’m old school. I write code in vi.

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