Maker's "TSA compliant" multitool finally confiscated

Well, that didn’t take long… John Edgar Park’s custom modded “TSA Compliant” Leatherman Squirt (as seen on Boing Boing) met its ignoble end:

[quote=“Makezine”] So, does it work? Sort of. John made it through six airports before the tool was finally confiscated. John writes of the confiscation on Facebook:

“I got mine taken on my last trip. One agent asked about it, then brought over his supervisor. I explained that it complies with the rules on their website. She said “well, there are cameras all over here, and since those saw him check your knife, he could lose his job if we let you through with it.” I asked another supervisor about it. He said “I would have totally let you through with this, but once one supervisor makes a decision we’re not allowed to override that.””[/quote]

Six trips…anyone win the betting pool?

I can’t say I’m surprised the TSA eventually confiscated the modded multitool given that Park only shortened and rounded the end of the knife blade rather than removing it. The 9/11 hijackers used box cutters, so he length of any knife blade is somewhat irrelevant to whether it can be used in that same - only being sharp matters not how long it is. On the other hand, TSA allows short scissors - scissors being a pair of knives. Go figure… :confused:


You can make effective pointed bludgeons, accurate poison dart blowguns, and high velocity crossbows all with the shit you can buy past the gate.

If I watch this video will I still be allowed on planes? :open_mouth:


I haven’t been stopped from flying yet.

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You also haven’t been released from Guantanamo, either.


I think the solution is obvious. He should have just removed the knife blade. And then it would have been perfect. It would have lasted maybe 12 flights.

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I’m sorry but once one of us is wrong, the rest of us have to follow suit.


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