Male council in India orders sisters to be raped because their brother eloped with a married woman

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No words.

Somebody must be stepping in to physically prevent this from happening though, right? The Indian government? I know they don’t rank that high on the human rights chart, but this seems well outside of their thing. I’d rather not look any more into it myself to be honest, given that I’m powerless to do anything about it.


Owners of chattel women are allowed to do what they like with them. This is a form of civil forfeiture: the officials are taking things of value away from the offending owner.


WTF people, Dear India if you want to be respected, welcomed and have a part in the modern world this kind of thing does not help you.


This is why I support country of origin labeling.


I am apalled by this, but also left baffled… how do you elope with an already married woman? Does “elope” mean something different in India? Around here, (I’m fifteen minutes from Elkton) it means running off to get married.


Ok…if the crime was “These two sisters eloped with two married men…so they shall be punished in XYZ manner” regardless of the humanity of said punishment at least its a “punishment” on the perpetrators of said “crime”.

Punishing the sisters for the “crime” of the brother is akin to killing the dog because the cat took a crap on your bed. How is this even an option?!?!


It’s like torturing the parent by torturing the children - a whole new dimension of depravity.


Or social control. If you can’t control the adversary’s behavior directly by exacting revenge on himself, get those whom is he linked to instead. An old, pragmatic method; unfair by today’s standards but quite effective.


In India’s cities, a suspected rapist was recently lynched by a huge mob, and there were gigantic riot-in-the-streets outrage on gang rape cases. But in the poor villages it’s seen as OK to direct men to rape women? You can get in trouble if you show a couple kiss in a movie there, but somehow society can essentially turn a blind eye to village elders ordering a 15 year old to be raped? The world is a complicated, depressing and horrifying place sometimes.


What are Republicans doing in India and why?


They are everywhere. They are called different names in different places, though. Probably a phenomenon deserving a psychiatric label or three.


See, this is why some Indians are compelled to ban pornography.

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The point isn’t even to punish them - they’re punishing him/the family by reducing the women’s value. That’s how little women mean to the council.


It’s strange seeing the thread here pop up and the reddit discussion side by side in different windows.

I mean supposedly this is aberrant even in Indian culture and is even in their misogynistic culture being portrayed as horrible. However all I’m seeing is armchair commentary on that one.

All i know is I cannot come up with any coherent thoughts on what kind of person would justify this even to themselves.

The man was punished for lowering the value of the wife.

He was punished by using his sisters who had nothing to do with anything.

Just… brain not grokking this beyond the fact it’s horrible and wrong and I want to go punch peopl until they stop moving because this is apparently so rural the official government enforcement is a rare thing outside of cases where a big blinding spotlight can be shown on locations.

So from what little i"m seeing this is basically the India version of deliverance.

Fuck’s sake I was taught from an early age just because it’s tradition doesn’t make it the best way or even a GOOD way. See also The Lottery.

The terrible thing is even with as much better as the world at large is, this kind of shit still happens everywhere.

Yet the world IS improving. Supposedly. We just have a long hard road ahead of us to finish and make it so this shit is nothing but horrible nightmarish memory.


Merriam Webster defines elope as:

a : to run away from one’s husband with a lover
b : to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent

So in this case, it refers to the first meaning.


Note the commonality here. In both cases, elopement represents an improper usurpation of authority. Until the female is married, the father controls her. After marriage, the husband controls her.


Well since they are losing in the US, they have to go someplace.

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Sadly, not new. US soldiers at Abu Ghraib and Bagram raped children and forced their mothers to watch, to try to get the women to reveal the whereabouts of the (suspected terrorist) fathers. Other soldiers gleefully taped the rapes, and the US government has acknowledged the existence of those tapes.

I wish I had to go back to medieval history and de la Casas to find examples of this sort of thing, but unfortunately it’s not necessary. Well, at least the USA hasn’t forced any mothers to eat their children yet… as far as I know. That’s hopefully still a thing of the past.