Turkey introduces a get-of-jail-by-marrying-the-child-you-raped law

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Holy Guacamole.


It’s a law that makes perfect sense in the context of the society, even though it looks horrific to outside observers. Basically it’s a you-break-it you-bought-it for women, since they’re considered damaged goods if they’re no longer virgins and thus unable to be married off or they can only do so at a steep discount. So instead of burdening the family with a woman they can’t sell, they move the burden on to the person who ruined their property. Problem solved.

It only seems monstrous if you think women are living breathing people instead of family assets.


Yeesh–in 30 years are we going to look back at photos of Turkey in the 00’s like we look at photos of Iran or Afghanistan in the 70’s?


Of course, the rapist can divorce her immediately afterwards.


Rape someone once and then commit to raping them in the future! Problem solved.


As @jandrese pointed out two comments above, Turkey still has dowry/dower practices which involve the transfer of money or goods to make the marriage.
It is still a regression for women living there, but it is not a free out-of-jail card.

It doesn’t completely solve the issue, but Turkey made marital rape a crime in 2016.

It’s good that that is finally the law but I doubt rapists are going to be okay with marrying a woman who never wants to have sex with them.


Heck, I don’t just think it! Women are living breathing people.


Careful, that kind of radical thinking can get you in a lot of trouble in parts of Turkey.


If they don’t want to marry, they are still prosecuted for the rape.
The proposed law might even make it worse for the rapist if he decide not to marry, because he is signaling that he doesn’t care about the social customs.

And, I’m not sure how Turkey see those rapists, and if after marrying they get a real pardon from people, and the justice system, or they are still seen with some distrust.

Man, Utah seems more and more fuc…wait, this isn’t about Utah? Sure thought it was Utah…


They might stone you to death for it even, since apparently it’s still the 1100s there.

Strange to think that Florida is more advanced than Turkey.

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It’s amazing that these people think being raped is a terrible dishonor, but being a rapist is perfectly fine…


No, it is monstrous no matter how you try to spin it. Even in the context of that society, it’s mysogynistic bull####. First, this is touted as somehow maintaining “honor”, when there is no honor to be kept on either side. The “honor” of a man who boinks children? Horse manure. The “honor” of a family that stands by and allows a child to be victimized? Horse manure. Second, your own defense of this bill reveals that in that society, females are regarded as property instead of people. Even if it does relieve the girl’s family of some financial burden, it’s still mysogynistic bull####. This is the kind of law that is possible only in a society of backwards savages.


Imagine someone tries to kill you by choking you. They’re right in your face, squeezing the life out of you. You think you’re going to die. You know you’re going to die. And then, miraculously, he stops before you actually do die.

Now imagine that the way for him to avoid being arrested and tried for this crime is that he gets to subject you to having to be that close to him every single day for the rest of your life. He can keep choking you whenever he wants.

There is a country in another part of the world that has a tradition of men using ladders to climb up to the bedroom level of the home to break in and steal an unmarried woman they desire, after which they rape her, and then bring her back to the home, and this is literally understood to be the way people get married there. In some cases, it might be true that the couple planned it together, but how often does a guy think “I’ll never get the object of my desire by winning her over…I know what to do instead!”?

This is another version of that tradition. If the girl in question, and her family, don’t like a potential suitor, it’s no longer a permanent roadblock for the guy: now there’s now a legal way to force the marriage. Progress? I think not.


Medieval shit you wouldn’t believe in a George R. R. Martin book?
Nope. Real-life marriage traditions.


I don’t get it. I thought that sex with women who don’t want to have sex with them is exactly what they were into.