Yet another reason to never go to Dubai: prison for sex ‘out of wedlock’

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If the American religious right gets their way, we will have similar rules.


They need to chill if they want to be the tourist destination they seem to want to be.

I’d say completely redo their culture paradigm, but that’s asking too much. Maybe start with not enforcing cultural laws on visitors.



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If you had the power to tell other people how to live—and to punish them harshly if they did it wrong—would you use it?

There sure are a lot of people who get off on that.

All I want is the power to disagree with you and call you names.


We’ve had those rules - they’re a long long long way from returning here. Perhaps our right wing could find a home among like minded folks in Dubai?


I don’t think they were ever that strict. Hell, they had per-maritial sex among Puritans. The wedding would be announced when she started to show.

The difference is, you would have to completely revise the Constitution for such rules to even be legal here.


My only surprise was that the man was arrested too.


Let’s not forget the slavery


Well… Enforcement anyways. There’s adultery laws in a surprising number of states still.

Ahh, here we go. Fornication laws, those are the ones you’re looking for:


There seem to be many reasons not to go to Dubai, but I have yet to hear any reasons why one should want to go in the first place.


I went on a business trip (for GITEX). I’d suggest that anyone willing to take a flight that long, and/or to such a hot climate, consider instead going to Oman. The rules and laws are similar, but Oman has more scenery and less spectacle. In any case, wait until winter.

EDIT: I did get to try masgouf in Dubai. I certainly wouldn’t make the trip just for that, but it remains on my list of memorable experiences.

The caveat is “unless you’re filthy rich”, isn’t it?


Exactly. We’re the world’s #1 destination of the super rich! You just can’t do any sort of drugs, have premarital sex, or anything else that’d make a destination worth going to if you have Dubai money.

That band of pollution is enough to keep me away.

I have no interest in going anywhere in the Middle East, and thank goodness I probably will never have to. I can see all I want on the innertubes.

Weirdly, it doesn’t seem to have an impact. I read about so many middle class people going there - and living there - because they can have a luxuriant lifestyle. Never mind that they can be jailed for owing money, speaking ill of their employer, having once been near something that might have been drugs, their sexual habits, being a crime victim and a whole lot of other things that would be shocking in a First World democracy.

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Occasionally there are threads on Reddit asking about “the most over-rated tourist destination” or “your most disappointing travel experience”. Dubai seems to come up often in those, e.g.

I thought that under Sharia law there has to be an uncoerced confession or at least two solid witnesses to an illicit sexual act before anyone can be punished?

If that’s so, staying in bed naked while the door was being broken down might not have been the best choice for these particular star-crossed lovers.

Either way I have to agree with you, Mark, I have no urge to visit any Middle Eastern nation. I’d like to go someplace with less religious oppression, racism and other forms of bigotry than the US, thanks anyway. If any such places exist.

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