Man smokes legal weed in Nevada, gets arrested in Dubai, could face 3 years

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My key takeaway is to have nothing to do with Dubai.


Dubai, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia are all gigantic shitholes full of misogynist assholes and should be avoided by any decent person by default.


I’ve yet to read anything about Dubai that makes me want to go there.


It’s like Vegas without any of the nudity or vice. Basically a trillion dollar Branson.


I struggle to understand why people have a strong desire to go to Dubai. Nothing about it has ever seemed appealing to me


I lived in Vegas and thankfully there’s a whole lot more to Vegas than nudity or vice, though tourists usually go there for either of those things. On the other hand these ultra rich places seem like play grounds for sociopathic assholes and i want nothing to do with them.


In my business life I had to frequently stay in Vegas, my rule was to get as far from the Strip as possible, but stay close enough to get to work on time. That’s it, the moral of the story.


There’s some cool local stuff to do, i’m hoping that the next time i’m there i might be able to go sky diving with a friend or go camping/hiking :slight_smile:


I’ve hiked/camped the surrounding areas, the places North of town are nice, the foot hills are great, but you need to do your research for access point/trail heads.


Maybe the Biden administration will advocate on his behalf, even offer him a job. They have some marijuana-related openings.


Best time I had in Vegas was talking to the cabbie on the way to the airport to get the blazes out of there.

Due to work, I sometimes have to go there. So next time I am required to go to Vegas, were should I go?


I guess the jetpacks are kind of cool but you still have to land sooner or later.


dubai is fine - it’s doctors you have to watch out for.

This makes absolutely no sense. Recording studios are hardly a scarce commodity—nobody needs to trek half way across the world to find a good one.


Happened to some DJ’s and here. Dubai, the UEA, and similar countries have the problem that they want to be cool and have all entertainment options that their wealthy young citizens experience in other parts of the world but the state is happy to prosecute said entertainers when they arrive in the country. Not just entertainers of course but anyone coming into the country. In part this is what happens when you sell advanced analytical equipment to authoritarian states with zero tolerance drug laws.


Don’t go to Dubai

Period endstop.


Yeah there are interesting hikes on the different sides of town :slight_smile:

I suppose it depends on what your interests are. There are the usual yet interesting tourist-y things like the Atomic museum, the neon sign museum, the old downtown (Freemont Experience and the surrounding bars are usually the local take on “hitting the casinos”), the Chinatown area is great if you want to try authentic asian cuisine and there’s a Chinese mall there that’s cool. In the immediate surrounding areas there’s Red Rocks, Black Mountain and some other trails that are good for hiking but you’d need to do research to make sure the hikes are friendly to the amount of effort you’re looking to put in but i recommend Red Rocks. If you want to venture further outside of Vegas i recommend Mount Charleston, it’s wonderful for hiking and further out in Utah about an hour or two drive away there’s Zion National Park and some other surrounding national parks that will blow you away. There’s also Lake Mead, you can go boating there, which i haven’t done but i have camped out at the lake and had an amazing time… it was for a small local burner event.

If you’re into shooting there’s all kinds of shooting ranges out there, there’s weed dispensaries, the NASCAR race track is there too and you can rent professional level go karts, sports cars, etc. My friend recently had his kid try a Porsche for the day at the race track and he had a blast. :thinking: there’s prob other things i’m missing but hopefully some of these give you good ideas!

Edit: if COVID is ever under control there’s also all kinds of events that come into town, like the rodeo which is actually pretty big there. They also do stuff like horse shows, car shows, and other expos that might pique your interest. I have heard that their hockey team is great but i’ve never had the pleasure of going, they became a thing after i moved away.


Hm. These comments remind me that one thing that brings Vegas and Dubai together is just how controversial they both are. Both are cities that people either love or hate with a passion.

But on topic, this is pretty unsurprising on the part of Dubai. They do want to have a world-class city on their own terms, meaning that they will enforce their morality on citizens (or probably subjects is more accurate?) and visitors alike. In this case, it’s clearly unfair that the man in question was arrested for what he did elsewhere. But given that Dubai wants to keep it’s reputation as an international city, I’m guessing that they might not throw the book at him?

But as it’s the first day of Ramadan (Ramadan Mubarak!), I was curious if pot was halal or haram? This article is interesting on that…


Run on slave labor and with major sanitation/sewage issues.