British worker thrown in Dubai prison for asking crooked car dealer "How do you sleep at night?" message on Whatsapp

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Speaking of shithole countries…


Apparently they also enslave migrant workers there, imprisoning them in horrifying camps until they can buy their way back out of the country.



Oh, not at all. Only the best, most luxurious non-sh*thole countries would get one of these:

[note the absence of the Open Graph/Twitter Card/G+ link, indicating that this world-class company only hires the best Web developers]


Those workers should send the car dealer a Whatsapp message and get thrown out of the country shortly after a brief prison visit. /s


Sure; but condemn a country essentially built on the principle of vulgar new money living in gaudy high rises above the law and on the backs of an effective slave class?

Envy them, probably.


We passed through the airport on the way to India. They confiscated a green laser pointer a colleague had, but the hour we spent there was otherwise uneventful.

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Truly, Heaven for the Holy Job Creators.


How low we have sunk:

(I looked for another source - was especially interested in anything in the Arab press - but all stories everywhere seem to be adapted from the one in the Sun.)


Does anyone know what the law is that he broke?


In a slave economy where human life is a commodity, pissing off the wrong people is breaking the law.


Additionally, I don’t know about Dubai, but in Saudi, the courts are run in such a way that the judges are given broad liberty in what they’re capable of charging anyone with, and how they see fit to punish.

There’s not much of an obligation to adhere to jurisprudence in Saudi, and the law is pretty much whatever the judges and imams say it is.

I don’t know if it’s similar in Dubai, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it were similar.


Let’s face it!! The WORLD is a totally different place than what we believed it to be. Find someone to love, then stay in love, sleep in your own bed, cook and eat your own food, mind your own business and stay out of trouble … EASY! Oy Vey.

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I sort of feel like at this point, there should be enough information out there about how awful Dubai treats people, the enormous injustices perpetrated there, that tourists and European/American guest workers should really expect whatever shitty thing happens to them there. I mean, it’s still unacceptable, but they shouldn’t be surprised.

Yeah, that’s not good. The Sun is… I was going to say “unreliable,” but it’s more accurate to say it’s a fabulist. The closest I can get to confirmation is that such a man exists and works/has worked in Dubai. It’s plausible, though - I’ve read of people jailed for simply complaining about their employers (e.g. that they weren’t given the expected pay), or for saying something critical on social media.

Apparently it’s a crime to criticize the country, its citizens or businesses on Facebook or Twitter, so WhatsApp probably counts, too.


I was asked if I’d like to go to Saudi Arabia. This is the reason that’s a, “Hell NO!”. Same reason I wouldn’t go to England. I’m not keen on going to jail for ‘disrespecting’ someone.


I know one prison that isn’t getting five stars on yelp.


It’s on the contact us page…

Watching the episode of Travel Man about Dubai right now. Will see if they take any chances.

(10 minutes later) Richard Ayoade and Johnny Vegas will probably have to keep away from Dubai from now on to avoid the hoosegow.


There’s that! I misread ‘Delhi’ and remembered the bit from After On (the Podcast, but it’s definitely brought up a level for the book) where people hustle you into a place that has Budweiser then see you charged $120 [sorry, not accurate] a bottle. Grotty visions of a future of the caste.

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